Whether you have a website and simply want to bring it up-to-date, or redesigning your current website, here are five essential tips that every restaurant owner can use to convert casual visitors into loyal customers of your restaurant.

Ensure That Your Website Looks Great On Every Screen, Smartphone, and Tablet

Your website should be optimized for a user-friendly mobile experience. This will ensure that your customers will be able to quickly check your specials, get directions, or simply place their order online. The best solution to ensure that you website looks great on all screen is to use responsive website design.

Get The Essentials Information Right: Phone, Address, & Hours of Operation

  • Where are you located?
  • Can I order online or make reservations?
  • How late are you open tonight? 

Your restaurant website should address commonly asked questions.
These are commonly asked questions that your potential customers will have when browsing your website. Make sure that this
information is readily available and is on the page. Place your phone number an daddres near the top of the page. This will allow users that are viewing you site on a smartphone to tap the number and place the call, without excessively scrolling down the page.

Are Your Food Menu & Special Up to Date?

Potential customers visit your website to get a feel for your menu. Is it up-to-date? Check to see if your food menu is easy to navigate on all devices? Don’t soley rely on PDF menus. Make sure to include phootos, prices, and descriptions in your online food menus. You should showcase your specials on the homepage. Your in-house designer or staff can make the updates with the use of a content managemnt system such as WordPress.

Get Found In Google, Maps, and in Restaurant Directories:

How do new customers find your restaurant? Is it on Google search or directories like Yelp or other popular online restaurant directories like Yelp or other popular online restaurants directories. Getting listed in online business directories will take some effort and legwork on your part in conjunction with an optimized conversion friendly website design. You will want to make sure that your website is responsive and optimized for SEO.

Then make sure that you claim and otpimize your business directory listings such as Google My Business and claim your Yelp profile and other online directories.

Delight Your Potential Customers With Social Proof:

What is the motivating factor that makes someone decide to choose your restaurant over your competition?
In most cases, it’s a recommendation from a friend. Use social media to your advantage by directing your visitors to 
your website to view your daily specials, food menu, announcement and other important information.

To implement this strategy, you should pick your best reviews from Yelp, Facebook, the local newspaper, and elsewhere.Display them throughout your website. Social proof makes enhances every aspect of your online reputation and makes your website more exciting and attractive.

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