How We Drive Rankings With Content

by Nov 27, 2020Content Marketing

Did you know that 75% of all clicks on search engine results pages go to organic results? Organic search engine optimization drives traffic, boosts rankings, and content is what drives SEO.

Content marketing is the foundation of every successful SEO campaign. Getting your website to rank on Google is not about peppering your pages with one or two keywords. Google’s algorithms focus on quality content that engages, builds trust, and establishes authority.

Our content marketing services strategies are built around these concepts. Google uses Latent Semantic (LSI) to determine whether to rank a page for a keyword or not. LSI allows Google to associate related words to a specific topic instead of simply relying on the appearance of specific keywords or phrases. For example, Google can associate the phrases “golf bags” and “golf equipment” with the main keyword, “golf clubs.” Inserting these related keywords in your pages will make your website more relevant to users, and in turn, Google will see your website as an authoritative website and index you appropriately, at the SERP’s.

Writing for LSI requires more than just basic keyword research and writing. That’s why we implement content marketing solutions and deliver content that combines creative writing paired with proven marketing strategies to develop content that impresses human audiences and search engines alike. Being a good writer is not the same as being a good content marketer. A combination of writing and marketing skills is required to produce quality content for the website and online campaigns.

Here are five key steps we take to apply context marketing to your campaign.


Step 1:  We Prioritize Your Objectives:

Determine what your long-term goals are for creating content. Do you want to make a sale, inform and educate, or start conversations? Defining our goals helps us develop a content marketing strategy that suits your business’s specific goals. 



Step 2:  We Learn More About Your Market:

Learning more about your audience helps us refine our approach to content marketing. We determine what they want to find, how can reach out to them effectively, and how we can convince them to take action. We create content for people instead of search engines and help you nurture long-lasting relationships with your target market. 



Step 3: We Choose The Right Medium: 

One of our most important tasks is deciding when, where, and how to publish your content. We determine what type of content will communicate your message and attract more leads effectively, and publish it on a channel your target market can access easily.



Step 4: We Establish Your Authority:

You can only establish your authority in an industry by gaining your audience’s trust. We help you do that by producing valuable content and developing relationships with both your leaders and third-party publishers. We only publish external content in established online magazines that will give you more exposure and cement your authority in your niche.


Step 5: We Monitor Your ROI:

Your investments and what you stand to regain through your content marketing strategy depends on your initial goals. We monitor your website’s traffic and other website analytics. This allows us to realign our strategies as needed, and help you determine what kind of returns are to expect and focus on next. 


Our Publishing Process:


We have fine-tuned our processes to make sure that our content marketing services produce only the best for your site. Our content team collaborates with SEO experts to develop relevant topics, create great content, and distribute that content to the right audience through the most effective channels.


Step 1: Keyword Research And Selection
We don’t stop at creating a  list of high-traffic keywords to add to your content. We use topic modeling in our keyword selection to choose the best keywords and group them together to help our content team produce relevant targeted content.



Step 2: Content Ideation
We go through a brainstorming process of identifying the most relevant topics based on the keyword maps and groups, and then decide which ones your brand’s target audience will resonate with the most. Our goal is to either educate, inform or entertain your audience.


Step 3: Content Creation
While the quantity of content produced can certainly boost your traffic, we are very much focused on the quality of the content as well. We offer options for you to repurpose your content into other types of content besides blog post articles such as eBooks, whitepapers, or infographics.



Step 4: Content Editing

Each piece of content that is produced and purchased from our content marketing service packages gets sent to our editors for review and quality analysis. We have experienced editors on our team to guide our content marketing campaigns and ensure that the content our teams produce is ready for publication.


Step 5: Content Approval

When we finish fine-tuning your content, it gets sent to you for approval. We make any revisions you deem necessary before proceeding to publish.



Step 6: Publishing

We only publish content after making sure everything is polished. On-page, internal blogs, or anything that has gone through the approval process will be sent to you for upload, or we can do it for you.



With the implementation of a good content strategy, you will see an increase in organic traffic to your website. It takes dedication and focus; there are no shortcuts.