Becoming a YouTube influencer means creating lots of content that looks professional and that provides value.
This can take a LOT of time, and be difficult if you aren’t a natural presenter.
What makes life much easier is to create a permanent spot in your home for doing this – a spot that will always be ready for you to just step into and start filming, and a spot that will look great on film. Let’s look at how to create such a thing.


Choosing Your Spot

Firstly, you need to choose your spot. Ideally this should be somewhere where you can leave your camera permanently on its stand and where you can set up lighting around the area too. The hope is that you’ll then be able to start recording immediately without worrying about things getting in your way, or about having to clear the area first. Making content for YouTube takes time, so the more you can optimize the process, the more value and content you can put out.
As such you’re likely to want to choose somewhere such as a porch, a basement or a study where you don’t entertain guests or have to work often. At the same time though there are also some other important considerations for your filming area, which should also be:

  • Light and spacious
  • Not backing onto any windows that will create difficulties
  • Not prone to getting cluttered easily.
  • Good in terms of acoustics
  • Be large enough to provide space for your videos – especially if you’re doing exercise instructions etc.
    Able to look good on camera (kind of crucial!) – and suitable for your niche


Dressing Up Your Spot

This last point is important. If you’re creating a YouTube channel that you hope will be able to promote your site and your business, then you need to make sure that it looks professional and that you are “selling the dream.” That means your home should look great, so make sure that you pick a room that makes you look like someone worth listening to/emulating.
At the same time, you should also think about how the area matches the niche of your site. In other words, if your site is about bodybuilding then a weights room or a kitchen will make more sense than a living room. Likewise, if you’re vlogging about video games then you might want to do it in a man-cave filled with games memorabilia.
Here you are basically trying to make your space into a backdrop that is fitting for your topic. That might require you to hang a poster, or it might mean installing LED lights. When creating this set up, spend a day shopping around for items that might help it to look better and you’ll find that your videos become much more popular.