How to Combat Facebook Ad Fatigue

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Are you seeing the performance of your Facebook Ads slowly declining?

You may be suffering from Facebook Ad Fatigue. Don’t worry it’s totally curable. In this article we are going to go over four simple steps to get your Facebook Ad campaign back on track. In this short article we are going to discuss the danger of Ad fatigue and how you can use Ad Rotation to combat it. I will also give you a breakdown of how you can use Facebook Ad Manager to rotate your ads and identify signs that you need to rotate ads and make minor adjustments to optimize your Facebook ads.

What Exactly Is Facebook Ad Fatigue?

First, let’s define what exactly is Ad fatigue. Facebook ad fatigue occurs when your ad’s target audience has worn out it’s welcome by being shown too many times and your click-through-rate drops as your Frequency rate increases. Your Frequency refers to how many times your ad has been seen by your audience.


Tip #1:Rotate your  Facebook Ads

Rotating your Facebook ads can help users from becoming Ad fatigued. Considering changing your ads when the frequency increases and the click-through-rate decreases. When there is a decline in the efficacy of your ads, this would be the time to consider replacing the ad with a different version.


Tip #2: Use Facebook Ad Manager To Track Your Ad Performance
You can have multiple versions of your Facebook ad, but you will need to analyze which ads are working and which ones you may need to optimize or just get rid of. This is where the Facebook Ads Manager comes in. In your Facebook Ad Manager dashboard, you will need to locate these three important metrics to identify whether or not you have Facebook Ad fatigue:


  1. Frequency: This number is the average number of times people saw your campaign’s advertisement. Watch your frequency rate to make sure that you’re not showing your ads too many times to the same audience.  

2. Actions: The actions metric provides details on all the actions that were taken on your page within 24 hours of seeing it or within 28 days of clicking your Facebook ad. The Actions metric includes things such as liking a page, clicking a link, installing an app. This is a great metric to follow if you are seeking conversions.


3. Click-Through-Rate: This the number of times that people have clicked on your ads in your campaign divided by how many times the ad was shown. This metric should be watched closely in conjunction with your Frequency metric. You will have to decide what is an acceptable CTR/Frequency number for your business and when you feel comfortable rotating the ad. Pay attention to the metrics and graphs to identify top performing ads and those that missed the mark as well.


Tip #3: Keep Your Ads Fresh To Combat Ad Fatigue

Here are four ways that you can keep your ads fresh and combat ad fatigue. By now, you should have an overall idea of how well your ad is performing. The strategies listed can be implemented to optimize your ads.

Spice Up Your Ads:

Change up the colors or add some animation to make sure that you stand out. If your product image or branding is blue consider adding a pop of color to make it stand out. You should avoid employing the same color scheme as Facebook, to avoid blending into the News Feed. The last thing that you would want is for someone to simply
skip over it.


Get Creative With Your Wording:

You could vary your headline by using your brand name, questions, and a call-to-action. Keep in mind that your headline should be no more than 25 characters. In your main text make sure that you are using language that speaks directly to your tailored audience.


Choose Your Imagery Wisely: Avoid images with a lot of details, keeping your images simple will ensure that your audience will immediately understand what the ad is about. Along with keeping it simple, you should also make sure that your images look great when viewed large, small, or up close.


Change Your Targeted Demographics To Combat Ad Fatigue:

If you’ve done everything right and you think your ads should be far more successful, then you may want to consider changing your targeted demographic before getting rid of the ad. The rotating target demographic can help avoid ad fatigue and supply a steady stream of clicks to your ad.



Facebook Ad fatigue is a common aspect of paid social media advertising. Using the simple tips mentioned above can help you keep your ads updated and optimized to get the best results. But more importantly, don’t be afraid to try new things, and make sure to pay attention to your frequency, click-through-rate, and actions. For more tips join our private Facebook group and get tips and free masterclasses on marketing essentials for your business. Click here to Join our Private Facebook group