Previously reviews were not so essential for a product or service to prevail. However, in this era, it may make or break your image. Back in the days, people did not consider getting reviews, whereas today, everyone checks reviews before trying out anything, hence making these reviews necessary for decision making. Subsequently, in this era, when everyone voices their opinion, the way one responds to criticism has become extremely important. Businesses and service providers take the reviews seriously, as their livelihood depends on them. Therefore, reputation management for real estate professionals and home inspectors has become crucial. While you can’t control the review, you can control how you react to it.


Responding To Negative Reviews

Here are a few ways you can respond to negative reviews:

  • Accept your mistake – If you genuinely believe it was your mistake, let them know that you consider their review and will look forward to fixing that problem. Moreover, if possible, replace that product.


  • Respond to the reviews – No matter how crazy it sounds, research shows that when a company responds to its reviews, their ratings significantly increase. So, why not reply to those negative reviews politely and gain some new customers?


  • Keep it short and polite Give a quick and specific reply, and you’re good to go. Don’t go into details as it may sound like you’re trying to defend yourself and blaming others, which may ruin your reputation in the market.

    How to Remove Spam from Google Local Listing?

    Google Local Listings can be described as the company registrations or the maps you typically see on the top or center of the Google search results. For many small business owners, fake reviews and spam can be devastating to a brand’s online reputation and sales.  as their customers find it hard to navigate through them. These listings usually appear when you are looking for a keyword with a particular town. A Google listing spam occurs when many fake listings arise in the system. Here it will be discussed how to remove these local listing spam:


    • Report to google – Google currently introduced a form where you can report to google whatever google listing spam you are encountering.


    • Report many locations at once – using the spreadsheet option, report multiple spams at a time, this will save your time.


    • Ask others to report these spams – it may take Google a while to act on these reports, however, if there are large numbers of reports for a particular listing, the action taken will be faster.
    • Flag the review: You can notify the team at Google regarding the review in question. Simply locate and click the flag icon. This will take you to the report a policy violation page. Be sure to enter your business email address and select the most appropriate violation type. Then you’re done, you will hear from Google team member if they need any additional information or if there is information to be shared with you.


    • If the fake review has not been removed using the flagged method, contact Google support representative via your Google my business dashboard. Consider sending a tweet to the Small Business support team via Twitter. It’s also worthwhile asking the Google community for help. In the Google Community forum, look for the Spam & Policy forum in GMB. Then search for previous questions of issues that are similar to yours or ask questions about your fake review issue.


      • Make your case:  Include details as to why the reviews are fake, how it violates their policies, supporting images, links or details that backup your claim. Most importantly mention why the fake review should be removed from your listing.


      • Ask others to flag the fake review that is in question: It may take Google some time to act on these requests. However, having several people flag the fake reviews may encourage the removal of the flagged review. 

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