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Hair Replacement Studio Sees 65% Increase In SEO Leads. Along with 20 search terms ranking in position #1 in the search engines( Google & Google Maps).

The Problem: Our client needed to simplify and get a better return on their investment with a marketing strategy that generates more qualified leads for their business and expand their local SEO efforts to rank for new keyword terms that are most relevant and  profitable for their business.



Because the client catered exclusively to customers in our area, we recommended a strategy of optimizing their website for local searches thereby driving relevant and highly-qualified traffic to their website.


Initial Assessment | Website Audit

The first step was to thoroughly audit their website. We integrated Google Analytics and Search Console with the client’s website – must-have tools if you want to track how your website performs. We then assessed every aspect of their website (various on-page elements, the site architecture, website performance, and many others) and how it was performing. We immediately noticed the website had several  unoptimized URL’s, lacked certain navigational elements, like footer links, and had numerous pages with unoptimized meta descriptions and web copy.

Keyword Research and Mapping

We also began to identify the keywords that would be most beneficial to the client, specifically those that indicate a readiness-to-buy and any low-hanging fruit that we can immediately target. These keywords were grouped, then existing pages on the website were identified to build content around the keywords. Our analysts then recommended the creation of new pages that target these keywords and we optimized the existing ones.





mobile searches

78% of local mobile searches result in an
in-store purchase. 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps

Conclusion & Takeaway

Optimizing your business for local search is a long-term investment and results do not happen overnight. With consistency and a solid digital marketing plan that is optimized for local search, you can attract new leads, drive traffic to your website, physical establishment, and gain an edge against your local competitors.

So how long will it take to see results? This depends on a number of different factors, primarily:

  • The local and national search competition
  • The quality of your SEO efforts
  • The quantity of your SEO efforts


When you work with Sidney Kay Designs, we don’t promise x numbers of leads by y date, you will get realistic and achievable goals for your company based on your new online marketing efforts. We help your company grow by ensuring that you’re found online by qualified search users, also known as your potential leads in your niche or region.

Founded in 2017, Sidney Kay Designs is a data-driven local marketing company that helps small businesses accurately measure and track their local search marketing efforts and generates more leads and sales from the web. We implement inbound marketing and local search tactics and offer website redesigns. 

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